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Our Mission Our primary goal at 100 Best Merchant Accounts is to help our viewers find the right merchant account and merchant services by providing an exhaustive supply of information on each merchant service provider. We have compiled a database of merchant accounts, e-commerce web hosts, shopping carts, and other merchant services, and are continually adding to and updating this information. We have provided summaries, statements from the company and information on features and fees to help our readers make educated decisions about the services they are searching for. Our web site represents years of research, reviews, and a continued effort to keep our information helpful, accurate, and up-to-date. The Internet changes daily. A merchant account or service that offers impressive features today may change or disappear altogether tomorrow. We will do our best to keep you informed of these changes.

How Do We Select, Review, and Rank the Services on Our Site? The services we list on our site have been gathered through our own research or submitted by the companies themselves. Each service is individually reviewed, and when possible, testing is done to determine overall quality of service. Because merchant accounts and other types of merchant services vary so widely, it is often difficult to review and rank them. Price is certainly a major consideration, but we also carefully examine such factors as ease of use, approval ratings, additional features offered, and overall service and support. The services which make our “Top Merchant Accounts” lists represent the best merchant services we have found in each category. Other merchant services on our lists represent those that may also be worth trying. We also welcome user merchant account reviews and input, which can help us better determine which companies are providing the best service to their customers.

How You Can Contribute We appreciate and welcome feedback from our readers @ 100 Best Merchant Accounts. Your experiences and input can be one of our most valuable resources for keeping our content fresh, relaying useful information to our other readers, and improving our site.