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The merchant account articles located in this category will help you learn more about the differences of various types of merchant services, credit card processing companies, and all aspects of maintaining a merchant account. We include how-to articles as well as information regarding merchant statements, merchant account fees, and much more.
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How to Accept SMS Payments for Merchants

Learning how to accept SMS payments for merchants is a great way for merchants to take advantage of the ever expanding text message technology. For those interested in learning how to accept SMS payments for merchants, keep reading to find out how this technology can benefit your business.

Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Credit card merchant accounts allow you to accept credit cards with a merchant account terminal provided by your merchant service. A credit card merchant account can increase your cashflow for your business. Take credit card payments with ease.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Some businesses are considered a high risk for merchant accounts. This article will review what types of businesses are considered high risk merchant accounts and past problems that may require you to use a high risk merchant account provider.

Adult Merchant Accounts

Web sites of an adult nature require special adult merchant accounts. Adult merchant accounts will charge you more to process your payments. In this article we will review what is considered adult business and the pros and cons of adult merchant accounts.

Accept MasterCard

Accepting credit cards is an important factor to any business, especially if you have an online business. MasterCard is only second to Visa card in popularity. This article explains how to accept Mastercard via PayPal, Google Checkout, or merchant accounts.

Free Credit Card Terminals

Merchant account providers offer free credit card terminals to some customers. This article defines credit card terminals, how to get free credit card terminals, and how to choose a merchant account service that provides free credit card terminals.

Cash Advance Programs

What is a cash advance program? How does a cash advance program differ from other types of loans? What are the qualifications and limitations on use? This article answers these and other questions on cash advance programs.

MOTO Credit Card Processing

MOTO credit card processing refers to orders that come to the merchant through the US Mail or by means of a telephone call. These means of placing orders are similar in that no customer or credit card is present. How does it work? This article explains MOTO credit card processing.

Check Processing

In the 21st century, check processing refers to two quite different ways of handling checks, one using physical checks and one making an electronic conversion of the check to a digital medium. This article explains both approaches to check processing.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Retail credit card processing is the procedure by which merchants can accept payment for purchases using a credit card rather than cash or check. Credit card processing has become an important component of retail business and is explained in this article.

Online Credit Card Processing

Using a credit card is one of the most popular ways to pay for services and merchandise online, so most stores with an online presence benefit from being able to process credit cards online. By understanding how online credit card processing works, a merchant can decide which online credit card processing provider best meets his/her needs.

Wireless Credit Card Processing

One of the benefits of wireless technology is that it is possible for you to accept credit cards — even if you aren’t currently in your store’s location. This article offers information on wireless credit card processing and choosing wireless credit card terminals.

Merchant Check Verification

Merchant check verification can help reduce the risk associated with accepting checks. This article explains how merchant check verification works and what to expect from check verification services. Keep reading for more on electronic check readers, bounced check, fees, and more.

Computer Credit Card Processing

Computer credit card processing is one way of accepting online payments for your business website. Being able to accept credit card payments via your eCommerce site is an important part of your site. Keep reading for tips on merchant accounts, payment gateways, and payment processing.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Most merchants fear credit card chargebacks. Why? This article will explain what happens in a chargeback, valid reasons for credit card chargebacks (ie. disputes, processing errors, authorization issues), and offers tips on ways to avoid chargebacks to your business.