Credit Card Equipment Category

In these credit card equipment articles we will review some of the software and hardware used for credit card processing including retail credit card terminals, and mobile and wireless credit card processing equipment. We will also provide credit card machine provider reviews for companies such as Hypercom credit card machines, Lipman Nurit, VeriFone, and more.
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Square Review: Top Mobile Credit Card Processing

Square payment processing offers the latest in credit card processing options. Read our Square review to learn more about the top mobile credit card processing options in the industry.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals are primarily used to process online payments, but can also be used to accept credit cards offline. In this article we will review and compare virtual terminal providers such as PayPal, Google Checkout,, and more.

Wireless Credit Card Machine

What is a wireless credit card machine? This article explains how wireless credit card machines work, what businesses would benefit most from wireless credit card machines, and the pros and cons of using wireless credit card terminals for your business.

VeriFone Credit Card Machines

This VeriFone credit card machine review offers information on the VeriFone company, types of VeriFone credit card machines, and reviews specific models of VeriFone credit card terminals. Learn what to expect when using/buying VeriFone credit card machines.

Used Credit Card Machines

When accepting credit card payments you usually need a credit card machine. You can save money buying used credit card machines. Keep reading for the pros and cons, and a comparison, of buying refurbished or used credit card machines.

Lipman Nurit Credit Card Machines

Lipman Nurit credit card machines are used worldwide for processing electronic payments. This article will review and compare different Lipman Nurit credit card machines. Keep reading for tips on buying Lipman Nurit credit card machines.

Hypercom Credit Card Machines

Hypercom credit card machines are some of the most popular credit card machines offered by merchant account providers. This article has information on the Hyercom company and reviews three of the top Hypercom credit card machines available.

Ingenico Credit Card Machines

Ingenico credit card machines are used worldwide for processing electronic payments. This article has information on Ingenico services such as payment terminals, credit card software, wireless credit card machines, PDA, and signature capture terminals. Learn about Ingenico Credit Card Machines here.

Free Credit Card Machine

Credit card machines are not always cheap, and rarely free. There are a few merchant account providers that are willing to offer a free credit card machine, usually with purchase of service. Keep reading for more on how to get a free credit card machine.

Credit Card Terminals

Choose the credit card terminal that is right for your business. This article has information on costs of credit card terminals, buying vs. renting credit card terminals, merchant accounts, and tips to help you choose the best credit card terminal for your business.

Best Credit Card Machine

Accepting credit cards typically requires a credit card machine to process the payments. This article reviews the best credit card machines, different types of credit card machines, tips on choosing a credit card machine, and cost of credit card machines.