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Founded in 2003, DoJiggy Merchant Services is based in Boulder, Colorado. DoJiggy is proud to offer their services based on the core values: honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices. The DoJiggy merchant services are particularly beneficial for nonprofit and small businesses with some of the lowest rates and most afforadable fees in the merchant industry. It can be difficult to find the best merchant services to meet the needs of  a particular business. Read our DoJiggy Merchant Services review to learn more about the company and services they offer to determine if thisis the best merchant service provider to meet your payment processing needs.

Merchant Services

DoJiggy provides merchant services, specifically credit card processing, to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada. Having the ability to accept credit cards is esential for any business or oranization. Most people do not carry cash or a checkbook but always have a debit or credit card on them. Statistics show that consumers tend to spend more money when using a card than they do when paying with cash. A study by Dun & Bradstreet found that consumers spend 12-18% more when using a credit card. Having the ability to accept credit cards will ensure that you are not missing out on any transaction simply because the customer does not carry cash. Once a business understands the importance of accepting credit cards, there are a few things to consider in the search for the right merchant provider.

First, make sure the merchant provides the method of credit card processing that fits your business model: card swipe at the point-of-sale, card information collected online, credit card swiped from a mobile device, or credit card information collected over the phone. Each type of transaction required different software and/or hardware.  Second, processing fees. Fees are charged, generally as a percentage of the total purchase with a flat rate minimum, on every electronic purchase. Understanding what the processing fees and rates are will ensure your business is making the highest profit possible off of each sale.

DoJiggy Merchant Services

At DoJiggy they take pride in offering the lowest merchant rates and fees possible. DoJiggy has adopted the interchange plus pricing model to provide credit card processing fees that are straight-forward. DoJiggy is committed to:

  • No merchant account or Internet gateway setup fees
  • No equipment Fees
  • No termination fees

DoJiggy will always be clear and upfront about any charges that are associated with the merchant account. In addition to the free processing equipment, which can save a business or organization hundreds of dollars, they also offer free consultation services and will compare your current merchant service fees to their rates to see if they can save you any money.

DoJiggy offers complete merchant services for online credit card processing, point of sale systems, and mobile credit card processing. Along with ecommerce credit card processing clients will be able to run MOTO (mail order, telephone order) transactions. Being able to accept credit cards through each of these different mediums will provide customers with the purchasing option that is most convient for them.

DoJiggy Donation Software

A lot of non-profit and community organizations want to raise money through online donations. DoJiggy provides a special donation service for this type of merchant account. Along with the merchant service software these organizations will also recieve a FREE fully functional donation website with a back-end administration area for customizing the site and gaining reporting statistics. The donation software includes the following features:

  • Collect one-time donations, or set up recurring donations for a specific term (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Gift management options
  • Customization options to match organization branding
  • Create custom headers, donor appeal, and thank you messages.
  • Donation receipts are automatically emailed to each donor, with a copy also sent to the system administrator
  • Donor infomation is securely stored in the admin area

Visit the website for a free demo or to see some examples of donation sites that are utilizing the DoJiggy donation software. If you have additional questions about how the service can benefit your organization, talk to a company rep to learn more.

As you can see from our DoJiggy review, this is a full service merchant account provider that is dedicated to providing a professional, honest service. Visit to find the right merchant solution for your business or organization.

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