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Easy Pay Direct is a simple payment processing option for small businesses. The Easy Pay Direct company focuses on providing a valuable service that is efficient and easy to use. Easy Pay Direct makes it possible for your company to process credit cards, electronic checks, and ACH (automated clearing house) transactions. You can choose to accept payments in the way that will work best for your business. Email invoicing, batch uploading, online payment forms, or recurring billing are just a few of the options.  In addition to making sure the system works and security standards are met and/or exceeded, they make sure help is always available. Oftentimes failure occurs simply because you don’t know how to use a product or service, Easy Pay Direct doesn’t want that to be the case for you. They will take the time to offer personal help to you and your staff to ensure that you understand how everything works and what options will be the most beneficial to your business model. If this sounds like a service that could benefit you, read our full Easy Pay Direct review to learn more.

Easy Pay Direct Services

The Easy Pay Direct services cover a wide range of payment processing options. Whether you want to collect payments online through shopping cart software, in person through a swiped terminal, over the phone, or even with a mobile device like a cell phone or iPad, Easy Pay Direct has options that will allow you to use any of these options along with others not mentioned. First, we’ll briefly discuss the high risk payment processing options. High risk can be defined in different ways by different companies. If you have an off-shore business, or a business that deals in anything adult related, or products that are not legal in all states or countries, these are commonly thought of as high-risk. If you have extremely high volume you may be a special needs case. Whatever it may be, Easy Pay Direct will work with you to find the best solution for your business. With years of experience in the industry they know which banks and processors are the best to work with for each individual industry type. They also have the knowledge and system available for load balancing and other systems that protect your assets and help your business succeed, no matter what industry you are in.

Next, we’ll take a look at “brick and mortar” processing options. The two options for brick and mortar (businesses with a physical location that people walk into and purchase something) businesses with Easy Pay Direct are credit card terminals or a POS (Point of Sale) terminal. Both are similar in the aspect of requiring the credit or debit card to be present and physically swiped through the terminal. With Easy Pay Direct there are four options for credit card terminals, 1) use a terminal you already own, 2) purchase a terminal at wholesale price from Easy Pay Direct, 3) borrow a terminal from Easy Pay Direct (it is yours to use as long as you are processing with them), and 4) use a USB device that plugs into a phone, tablet, or computer. POS terminals are a bit more complex and come in numerous varieties. A POS system can do more than just act as a terminal to swipe credit cards, it may also be an inventory system, accounting system, and more. With Easy Pay Direct  they can integrate your current POS system with their service or provide you with their own POS system.

Last, we’ll take a look at the online gateways. Online gateways provide numerous payment processing options. An online gateway can be used to collect payments through a website, mobile phone, email invoicing, ACH direct debit, recurring billing, or other situations in which you facilitate the use of the Internet to collect payment. Accepting payments in this way can be a great benefit to your business. Some small businesses don’t think they need to consider online payments. Their customers come into the store and pay with cash or a card through a swiped terminal and that is all they need. But another small local business recognizes that local consumers are using the internet to find their business, browse their menu, sometimes even place an order in advance and pay for it online so they can just walk in and pick it up. Consumers thrive on convenience and the company not willing to integrate new technology often lose out on sales.

Easy Pay Direct Pricing

Easy Pay Direct pricing is set at a rate that is meant to be affordable for any business. Their “Easy Pricing” model is as follows:

  • $99 One-time Setup Fee
  • $24.95 One Easy Price
  • 1.59% + $0.17 Swiped Card Rate
  • 2.29% + $0.29 Online Card Rate
  • 1.6% + $0.29 ACH/eCheck Rate

Along with these low rates they also offer special introductory rates on MOTO (mobile orders/telephone orders) and the lowest rates for USB based swiped transactions. These pricing basics are really just the cost of accepting credit cards. Easy Pay Direct makes sure they are giving you a clear disclosure of all costs and fees so that you know exactly what your charges will be ahead of time and you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges that you weren’t anticipating. The Easy Direct Pricing model was created specifically for this purpose.

Getting Started with Easy Pay Direct

It is really easy to start accepting credit cards when you choose to do business with Easy Pay Direct. Getting started takes just three simple steps: 1. pick payment options, 2. complete the electronic application, and 3. begin accepting payments. If you are not sure which model will be the best fit for your business, talk to the support team to discuss the options and your specific business model. A free trial is available and gives you access to a full demo account with videos detailing the service. Visit EasyPayDirect.com to learn more and check out the free demo today!

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